Lego - Mercedes-Benz Arocs

Ich bin um die großen Lego Technik Modelle schon ein paar Mal herumgeschlichen. Mein Kollege Stefan hatte sich den Autokran gekauft und am Wochenende hab ich bei Sean dann den Unimog gesehen. Da war es für das Spielkind in mir dann zu viel und ich hab mir den Mercedes Benz Arocs Truck bestellt.

iNode files in the “lost+found” directory

Users of Linux/Unix are familiar with the lost+found directory, where the operating system stores content in case of inconsistencies/problems with the file system. For the first time since owning a Macbook I discovered a lost+found on my harddisk. Good news: It was only the remains of the latest MacOS update.

Checking the content of iNodes in the lost+found directory is easy:

Lake Michigan Tour

Eigentlich war ich in Michigan immer nur zum Arbeiten, wenn man einen kleinen Sonntagsausflug nach Downtown Detroit oder zum Lake St. Clair mal außer Acht läßt. Der weiteste Ausflug war mal ein Tagestrip nach Chicago oder Toronto. Beides sehr zu empfehlen.

Private Key - Sicherheit

Ich hab mal wieder ein Public/Private Key Paar erstellt und dabei mal wieder drüber nachgedacht wie man den Private Key am besten beschützt. Bisher hab ich den Private Key in einem PasswortSafe verschlüsselt gespeichert und auf einem USB Stick mit mir rumgetragen. Das ist natürlich nur bedingt sicher, aber bisher gut genug.

Font Identifier

In the past when I had a piece of text and wanted to know which font it is, I used websites that ask questions about specifics about the characters. Recently I discovered the Font Identifier that is even easier. You just upload an image of the text and if necessary help a little bit to identify the characters in the image. After that the service provides possible font matches together with information where the font is available.

PGP on MacOS

Encrypting files and eMails is something you want to do also if you are an Apple user. Surveillance and data theft does not stop just because you are using a product made in Cupertino. The following three tutorials show how easy it is to install GPG Tools on MacOS and integrate it into the eMail client.

QR Codes & Java

Yesterday I wanted to bake something and so I prepared the Kanelbullar from my cookbook. I wanted to make it easy for my colleagues to get access to the recipe and decided to pin a printed QR code next to the Cinnamon Rolls. I used a manual QR Code Generator.


When writing unit tests you might run into situations where you are also needed another object than the object you are testing. This is where Mocks come into play. According to Wikipedia:

In object-oriented programming, mock objects are simulated objects that mimic the behavior of real objects in controlled ways. A programmer typically creates a mock object to test the behavior of some other object, in much the same way that a car designer uses a crash test dummy to simulate the dynamic behavior of a human in vehicle impacts.

Spell Checkin in Java

While proofreading a printed copy of my cookbook, I had the idea to use the spell checking on my computer. There are different ways to do this:

  • Manual

    The very basic idea was to just copy the contents from the PDF to Word and use its Spell Checking. The problem was that the cook book also contains lists of ingredients and page footers and this content prevented an effective spell and grammar checking.

Google Fonts

The printed version of my cookbook uses Century Gothic as font. Unfortunately that font is not available at each and every computer. Therefore the HTML version ended up looking different based on font availability.

I tried to mitigate this problem by providing several fallbacks in the CSS font definition:


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